Available Services


Will evaluate for all levels of licenses and merchant mariner's documents except MODU's. Evaluations can range from a basic review of sea experience to determine license/document eligibility to an in depth review of an entire license or document application package prior to submission to the Coast Guard. Evaluation services are available for original, upgrade or renewal transactions. Know what options are available before submitting your paperwork and user fees to the regional examination center.


This service allows an employer to enter into a business agreement which, for a monthly fee, provides complete licensing services to all maritime employees. The contracted services can be as diverse or restrictive as deemed appropriate. Employees would have the latitude to send information or make telephone calls at their convenience without the requirement of a consultation or evaluation fee. The availability of a full time licensing service will also alleviate the need for an individual within the organization to be responsible for a complex and easily confusing set of government regulations.


Last minute questions prior to paperwork submission? Is a DUI disqualifying? What about the medication I am taking? These and many other questions can be answered with a telephone call, fax transmission, E-mail or letter outlining your specific concerns. Are you able to connect with a Coast Guard evaluator? If you are fortunate enough to have your call answered does the person you are talking with satisfactorily answer your questions? Are you confident that you are applying for the license or document that will be most advantageous to your maritime career? Do you just need someone to talk with about the maritime licensing programs and how it works? The consultation service provides this avenue and much more for experienced mariners and novices. Don't settle for less than you deserve.


The Maritime Licensing Program encompasses far more than is outlined in the evaluation, consultation and corporate services. Are you aware of the proper procedure and paperwork associated with a medical or physical waiver? If you are handicapped is it an automatic disqualifying condition? What is a practical boat demonstration and when is it made available to a prospective license applicant? Are oral examinations available? If you have been denied a license or document are you aware of your appeal rights and how to use them? How many DUI's are disqualifying? What do the letters of recommendation have to say when requesting a reevaluation of your experience or if you are providing additional information to support your application? What does my license or document allow me to do? These are only a sampling of the many scenarios that experienced and novice license/document holders encounter every day as they ply the waters of the 17 Coast Guard Regional Examination Centers. Give yourself a fighting chance and know what all your options are before your day of reckoning.

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